Case Studies

Genmarc Research assists business conduct market research by providing them with Consumer, B2B and Healthcare panels globally. We have successfully delivered projects across all these verticals to our clients.

Education Background

Consumer Sample

Genmarc Research conducts variety of consumer insights studies including qualitative and quantitative market research. We at Genmarc support our client’s need to understand consumer’s attitudes, awareness and preferences of various countries across the world.

  • Moms
  • Car Owners
  • Hispanics and Other Ethnicity
  • Teens
  • Smart Phone Owners
  • Home Owners etc
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B2B Sample

We at Genmarc provide our client authenticated and largest B2B sample for all kind of their research projects. Genmarc has already established itself as a master in B2B sample by providing required sample for niche B2B targeting to our clients. We work with our clients to ensure that the information they need is there to make the important business decisions.

We have a very wide range of B2B targeting where we specialize in the following audience groups :-

  • Business-to-Business
  • Small Business Owners
  • Information Technology Decision Makers (ITDM’s)
  • Information Technology Professionals (IT Pros)
  • Business Decision Makers (BDM’s)
  • Human Resource Decision Makers (HRDM’s)
  • Business and Leisure Travellers
  • Telecommunication Decision makers and All type of Decision Makers
  • Teachers and Professors
Education Background

Healthcare Sample

Our Healthcare Panel comprise of difficult-to-reach targets – profiling a range of healthcare specialities and a diverse mix of ailments. We provide insight into the important healthcare segments like physician, nurses and patients with further subdivisions. We are also able to reach tough healthcare audiences in the consumer ailment segment as well like, Haemophiliacs or their caregivers, Cancer patients, AIDS/HIV patients, Narcoleptics, Diabetes etc.